Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Reasons why I hate Fallout 3

First let me tell you why I bought this game –

• The cover looked great and reminded me a lot of Half Life.
• I saw some of the screenshots and they looked stunning.
• A quick search for game ratings showed a 9/10 and I paid no further heed to thought and bought it.

I never knew Fallout before, still don’t. Don’t even know if there was an earlier version of it.
Whatever, but it is not the type of game I would love to play. I don’t have the time and unfortunately I have trained myself to play faster paced games. At least, if it had some stealth element in it, I probably would have liked it a bit.

Anyways, coming to exactly why I came to hate it:
1. Slow Gameplay – It was testing my patience to beyond limits.

2. Interaction with other characters – I was never a big fan of choosing from a list of options. It is real boredom to keep selecting what to say from a list of lame options.

3. Clunky action sequences, no matter how you play it, whether in first person view or the different 3rd person views, combat is still very clunky.

4. Shooting sequences has this VATS option, when enabled you can select where to hit the opponent based on some statistical information on the damage caused. It would then execute your selections in slow mo. Though it is cool, still it steals the thunder from you. The actual pleasure of shooting is lost and it adds up to the slowness of an already slow paced game.

5. Objective – There is absolutely no direction or any immediate objective. Left in a vast environment to “find your father” is surely not going to be fast enough. There are side quests you can get yourself into but for that again you’ve got to do all the talking to many different people.

6. Weapon Selection – you are given this “pip-boy” a kinda futuristic PDA that shows a lot of information including how many you have killed and your SPECIAL parameters. And every time you need to select a weapon, you have to use this “pip-boy” items section. LAME!

7. Confused Approach – Some of the displays are made in comic style and WW2 time drawings. It somehow really does not settle in correctly with the “futuristic” theme. Wish the makers of this game saw how Half Life was done.

8. On top aof all this - I had Call of Duty World at War - inviting me the same time and Fallout 3 stands no chance against that!

I am sure there will be people who would love the game for exactly the same reasons why I hate it; Well, then it is the game for them.

All said and done, I made the mistake of buying a game of a different genre and I am kicking myself for it. The next thing I am going to do is search the internet for cheats and walkthroughs and spoil the game but at least get something out of it before I fling it into trash.

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