Monday, November 3, 2008

Conflict Denied Ops

Conflict Denied Ops – Review

Overall Score - 8/10
Gaming Experience - 9/10; Video - 9/10; Audio 7/10;

An Eidos production – Conflict Denied Ops is a fast paced FPS game. You get to play as Lincoln Graves and Reggie Lang – yes you can toggle characters at any point in time. I am writing this review mainly after reading a lot of mediocre to poor ratings given to this really good game.

I had just recently completed Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 and was desperately searching to play another war based shooter game. Conflict Denied Ops fully satisfied me with non stop action and a clean issueless game play.

I knew there were a lot of FPS games released past 2007, which I could not get at, but now since I had all the time, I wanted to play every one of them.

Key points about the game:

  1. You get to play as both agents, Just “Tab” to toggle between them.
  2. Primary weapon for Graves is a Sniper Rifle and Lang has a Machine Gun
  3. Primary Weapons ammo is unlimited
  4. Graves is the Stealth Guy – creeping and crawling and with a suppressor to his rifle, he gets real cold blooded.
  5. Lang on the contrary is the loud mouthed mean killer – who likes to just blast his way through.
  6. Great scenarios and maps that render really smooth on my pretty decent GPU environment.
  7. Missions span across three continents – all of them are explosive and extremely realistic.

The overall game play is fast and AI is so smartly built on most missions. The Pros would be:

  1. Unlimited ammo. I am more of the stealth attacker – and Graves is my man. Silent Sinister. A guy like him to play with unlimited ammo! What more can I ask for?
  2. The objective map pointer is just too good – you can never get lost. When it points up, it means you are in the right direction.
  3. AI combat skills – Once your location is known, AI characters duck, hide, dodge and shoot blind. Basically they do everything to keep you distracted making the combat realistic and tense.
  4. The environment is maintained in the exact same way – the enemy dead bodies do not disappear.
  5. Great Music – aptly matches the state of the game. Intensifies along with your combat.
  6. Since you get to play both the agents – you get to enjoy the merits of both.
    For instance when you have to take down a tank or a chopper, only Lang has the heat Rocket launcher. You can order him attack OR if you want to be part of the excitement, just tab on to him and do it yourself
  7. Cleverly placed resupplies – Resupplies are only for your secondary weapons, grenades and rocket launchers etc. And they are placed at areas pretty close to where you might need them. Just search a bit and I am sure you could find it.

The cons:

  1. Voice characterization is a bit too loud - even when game play requires you to not reveal your presence. Lang simply does not seem to know the meaning of whispering.
  2. You constantly keep a tab on the other agent, especially Lang, to stay in a position and not to run blatantly on every corner.
  3. You cannot pickup weapons left behind by enemies. Would have been great if we just had one slot to store picked up weapons.
  4. Very rarely (actually in just one mission, to be exact), the AI behaves stupid. Three enemy characters standing right beside each other and Graves takes them one after the other with his suppressor sniper rifle, and there was no reaction on the remaining.
  5. The Agent you play does not seem to make use of corners much like in Kane and Lynch Deadmen, another Eidos production.

Overall, I was pleased to have bought this game and found it worth every penny spent on it. Not caring about what others say, I would give this game a 9 on 10 rating for game lay, graphics and sound.